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As stated above, millions are now awakened to these crimes against nature and humanity only because of the hundreds of partnerships that were formed to help fund the production of “What in the World are They Spraying?” As a matter of fact, the entire production was funded by private donations. Our goal is to fund our new project with the same opportunity and have an even larger impact on waking people up to take action towards getting these damaging programs stopped.

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Internet video sites such as YouTube and Google Video have become powerful platforms for breaking the media cartel’s monopoly over public information. Through these channels, millions of people now are exposed to truth that is blacked out in the corporate media. This undoubtedly has slowed down the progress of The New World Order, and it will play an increasingly important role in our battle for the minds of the public in the days ahead.

While the most important aspect of this is getting the word out, on the downside, it is now almost impossible for producers to sell enough dvds to sustain themselves. As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to recover production costs. That is why it is essential to have sponsors in such an endeavor.

In Hollywood, those who provide funding for feature films often are referred to as angels. As you might guess, that word has little to do with their spiritual quality. It is just a colloquialism for someone with lots of money; and, usually, it is a hard-nosed investor with a team of attorneys to negotiate a deal with maximum profit as the sole object.

We need angels, too, but not the Hollywood type. We are not looking for one or two tycoons to invest millions of dollars. We are seeking a hundred-or-so average-income donors to provide an amount approximately equal to what they routinely pay for sixty day’s of cable service. For this, they will receive a copy of the exclusive “Angels’ Edition” of the program, which will be the first edition released and will be given only to those who contributed, so it definitely will be a collector’s item. Each copy will be autographed by Michael Murphy, and Barry Kolsky. In addition, the names of all donors (whether they are individuals, families, or business enterprises) will appear on screen in the credits at the end of the program under the heading: “Funding Angels.”

That is our “deal.” We cannot offer an investment for profit. Our goal is to create a highly important documentary that corporate media does not want to public to see. Angels must be motivated by the opportunity to spread the truth. In other words, they are the real thing.