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Magnetic Water Softener Reviews

Hard water is not a pleasant issue to have to deal with and it’s not something that simply goes away once you fix it. This is something that will have to be dealt with correctly but also consistently. If not, the minerals in the water that lead it to be hard can damage appliances, damage clothes, create the need to use extra detergent and soap than normally required, leave films on dishes, and even cause skin rashes.

Usually the main complaint with hard water is the lime but there are actually other minerals that can contribute to hard water. This is where the Magnetic Water Softener comes in.

This device is a newer type of advancement in the market that uses unique types of magnets. They are very powerful Neodymium magnets that when used help to soften the water, reduce limescale, prevent mineral build-up, and make the water healthier to drink. Aside from these aspects, there are other benefits to consider that other water softeners can’t offer.

Magnetic Water Softeners

Benefits of Magnetic Water Softeners

  • It is very light only weighing in between 2 and 4 pounds depending on the chosen model.
  • It is small and easy to use.
  • It is quick and easy to install plus it requires no maintenance.
  • There are no cartridges, salt, electricity, or other such things required.
  • It is very economical and has long lasting effects.
  • It can be used on city water and well water.
  • It removes various forms of minerals including iron.
  • It is completely safe for older homes.

Of course there are also benefits that you will notice that come from having softer water that is also free of minerals such as the following:

  • Your clothes will appear brighter and cleaner. They will last longer because the soap is rinsed out better having the softer water.
  • Your dishes will no longer have misty films on them.
  • Your appliances will not experience the limescale and other mineral build-up that cause them to malfunction.
  • Your skin may not experience as much irritation as it might have in the past because of the minerals in the water.
  • You will save money from not having to use as much detergent, replace the appliances as quickly, or buy new clothes to replaced those that are damaged from the hard water.

Different Models

There are various models of the magnetic type or electronic type water softeners. The traditional salt free magnetic water softener is one of the most popular of its kind. This is lighter and easier to install than most of the others. It’s average cost is about $50 but you may find that prices vary between vendors.

This is a nice choice for households with regular water use. Because the device is placed around the main piping area, it is used for the whole water supply. Also, the price allows for you to use other forms of water softeners in your appliances without costing much more.

Another popular model simply known as the larger magnetic water conditioner is also recommended to be used with the softeners for appliances. This device is the easiest to install of all of the systems despite its larger size. It has double the strength of the smaller model but can still be suitable for various types of residences. The average price for this magnetic water softener is about $100 but this, like the smaller device, ranges between sellers.

What Customers Say

According to Magnetic water softener reviews by actual customers, the system isn’t quite perfect. It does remove the minerals and reduces the limescale that has built up but it is recommended to be used in conjunction with other water softeners such as the powder or liquid when using appliances. This is so that it has a better effect on the clothes and dishes. It may depend on how hard the water is as some customers find the magnetic water conditioner perfect for their own situation.

Although the Magnetic water conditioner reviews recommend that you use this product with other types of softeners and even filters, it does offer a solution for preventing limescale build-up as well as the other negative effects of hard water. It is very economical and offers long term assistance with this problem.

If you have issues with hard water and you want a quick solution to use in conjunction with the softeners that you use already, this is a great choice. It doesn’t require a professional to install it and it is very cost-effective. You can find them online and they are very easy to order. In the event that you do need such a solution, don’t hesitate to check them out online.