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Morton Water Softeners Reviews

When you hear the name “Morton,” you may automatically think of the popular table salt you have been purchasing for years. A picture of the little girl in the yellow jacket holding an umbrella may come to mind. However, Morton sells more than salt, they sell Morton water softeners too. This is great news for those of you suffering from hard water and all the negative effects accompanying it.

Morton Water Softeners

What Hard Water Does to You

We all know how good water is for you, but it has one downfall–it picks up impurities very easily. The term “hard water” means this gift from Mother Nature is full of destructive minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. They can do a number on your clothing, making your favorite shirts and pants look dingy and dirty.

Washing vlothes in hard water shortens the life of your clothes by 40 percent. When you wash yourself, a film of soap remains in your skin, causing irritation. Your hair may appear lifeless. Hard water also wreaks havoc with your appliances and plumbing. Limescale deposits in your pipework can increase your energy bills by as much as 25 percent.

Benefits of Morton Water Softeners

You may be wondering what you can do to combat these problems and rid your home of the hard water that not only causes external damage, but internal damage and rising energy costs. You can buy a Morton Water Conditioner. Here are some of the benefits you may want to consider:

  • Cleaner clothes with softer, brighter, whiter colors
  • Reduced need for laundry detergent which saves money
  • Elimination of the need for washing machine repairs due to hard water damage
  • Increased efficacy of your dishwasher
  • Reduction in calcium build up in your dishwasher
  • Cleaner, spot-free dishes
  • Reduced need for dishwashing detergent which saves money
  • Elimination of the need for dishwasher repairs due to hard water damage
  • Increased water heater efficiency by as much as 29 percent for gas and 22 percent for electric
  • Increased water pressure and flow through pipes and plumbing
  • Reduction of soap residue in shower
  • Healthier skin and hair

Types of Morton Water Softeners

Morton offers more than one type of softener to fit the needs of your home.

There are three types of softeners that are effective in any type of home: the MSD45E, MSD34C and Morton 34M water softener. The average cost of these are $641.00.

Softeners for medium to large homes are the M27, M30, MSD27B and MSD30D. The average cost for one of these is $440.00.

Finally there are the softeners for small homes, and these include the M20, MSD20F and MSS20B. You can purchase one of these for approximately $296.00.

Additional Morton Products

Morton cares about you, your family and the environment. This is why they offer whole home filtration systems. Unlike other filtration systems, the water that flows through the Morton system undergoes multiple processes before you enjoy the water it produces. This ensures the removal of sediment and dirt.

Unlike various filtration systems available on the market, the Morton water softening system does not require disposable filters or devices–this makes it eco-friendly. It is also a self-cleaning unit, requiring no effort on your part. The greatest perk, however, may be the life span of the unit–10 years.

In addition to the filtration system, Morton offers products to accompany your water softener system, allowing you to use it according to your specific needs. These include:

  • Morton System Saver II Pellets which cleans your softener, increasing its efficacy
  • Morton Rust Remover Pellets are designed specifically for those with a high iron content in their water
  • Morton Solar Salt Crystals contain no additives and is a great option for you water softener system
  • Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets softens your water, reduces sodium and adds much needed potassium
  • Morton Rust Raze Resin Cleanser is a stronger rust remover, having the ability to remove stains not just from your clothes, but the rust from pipes as well

What Customers Say

Hundreds of customers have reviewed the Morton water softening systems, and most–at least 90 percent–are happy they purchased the system. They see a difference in their clothing, their hair and are able to run their dishwasher without fear of dirty dishes. Some water softener reviews even mention their savings on energy bills.

Hard water is difficult to deal with, this much has been proven. If you have hard water, you know this for yourself. Even if you think you cannot afford a Morton water conditioner, you need to think again. The money you save on products and personal bills actually pay for this product within one to two years. Isn’t that worth it to prevent damage to you, your appliances and your home?