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Saltless Water Softener Reviews

Water is considered “hard” when it contains a notable amount of mineral ions including calcium and magnesium. This is not ideal for household use, in that it cannot accommodate lathers for bathing, washing, cleaning and other chores.

Unfortunately, majority of water supplied to houses today are hard. Seeing a water softener inside homes therefore became common. Most residences, however, have a relevant inkling to Saltless Water Softener in increasing the quality of water they have at home.

Salt-free Water Softener

What is a Salt-free Water Softener and How it Works

It helps to start understanding the mechanism of a traditional water softener system for you to have a firmer grasp on what saltless water softener has to offer.

Conventional devices transform the quality of water by incorporating sodium ion-laden resin beads in filtering water. In this step, the magnesium and calcium ions of hard water are duly replaced by sodium ions. The resulting soft water will then come out of the outlet pipe.

While this seems trouble-free, most homeowners are worried about the sodium content of the water. It may be efficient in doing household chores, but drinking or including the water in cooking dishes may pose risks to individuals with certain medical issues. The increased sodium in their diet may do more harm than good.

This is why most consumers are shifting to salt-free water softeners. In contrast to the traditional appliance, the mechanism of this “filter” integrates a descaler that can change the structure of mineral crystals contained in hard water.

As such, the formation of scales is greatly reduced. Rather than changing the ions, electric charges are produced to hamper scales.

Benefits of No Salt Water Softeners

  • Saltless water softeners do not have sodium contents, making them safer for consumption. Note that the appliance transforms hard water by using electromagnets and alternative salts such as potassium chloride.
  • It can increase the life span of pipes and plumbing. The ability of saltless water softeners in decreasing scale deposits prevents clogging of water passages inside the house. This also increases longevity of other appliances such as washing machines and dispensers.
  • The machine reduces carbon footprints and contributes to the preservation of environment.
  • Saltfree water softeners do not remove the calcium from hard water, which is good for your health.
  • Having the appliance at home eliminates the need to spend on having another tap of drinking water.

Popular Products

Nelson Saltless Anti-Scale Prevention System

Experts agree that this is currently the most top notch no salt water softener in terms of quality, user-friendliness, robustness and affordability. Coming from one of the biggest manufacturer in the US, Nelson Corporation, this brand is guaranteed to be equipped with the most advanced features.

The Scale Prevention System, for one, is praised for having Filtersorb SP filter media that has the power to eliminate existing scale left from the pipes. In the same vein, it also effectively prevents scale buildup. This works well with other functions of the machine that produces most ideal quality of salt water.

Current market price: $899.00.

Crystal Quest Fiber Glass Mineral Tank

This model has been popular for having a stainless steel jacket salt that can condition water to remove scale deposits. Its manufacturer is one of most revered companies in the country, which explains the impeccable quality of the appliance.

Crystal Quest Fiber Glass Mineral Tank integrates a four-stage filtration system, where raw hard water passes through a 20-inch sediment filter cartridge. This is where sediments are removed, along with dirt, sand, and other contaminants. As a result, potential damages on the pipes are prevented and the shelf life of other electronics is extended.

The system also features a solid carbon cartridge that can remove volatile organic compounds, and other solvents (like pesticides and insecticides) that are mixed in the water.

Current market price: $1699

Atursorb Combo System

It might be a whole lot more expensive than its equivalent, but this is a machine that is known to produce the best tasting water. The house carbon plus and Filtersorb SP Softening can guarantee the cleanest, healthiest softwater. This has impressed many experts with its ability to remove dangerous chemicals, bad taste, odors, and industrial solvents.

It can also remove scales, prevent soap scum from forming on shower doors and take off calcium from the water.