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Shower Head Water Softener Reviews

Hard water is something that can be frustrating to deal with at times. It causes films in the bathtub that make it look dirty and it can cause irritated skin not to mention a build-up of minerals in the shower head. With the Shower Head Water Softener, this can be prevented.

This particular type of water softener is generally easy to install. It is quite similar to installing other regular types of shower head. The specific process depends on the actual shower head as some have the filter included on the inside but others have the water filter on the outside and is quite visible. Whichever brand or model of softener you choose, when it is this type, you receive a variety of benefits from it.

Shower Head Water Softener

Benefits of a Shower Head Water Softener

  • It only takes to minutes to install if the instructions are followed. No professional is required.
  • Most cartridges for the top rated brands filter about 10,000 of water. With average use, replacements are only required every six months.
  • The filter removes 99% of the chlorine in the water.
  • The majority of other chemicals and minerals are also removed from the water.
  • The end result is water that is similar to that which comes from a spring.
  • The water is much healthier for the skin.
  • The water is healthier for the lungs as you no longer have to breath in the chemicals in regular water.
  • You lose minimal water pressure through these shower head water softeners in most instances.
  • The shower heads are quite economical to maintain.

Common Price Range

There is a wide price range for these items because there are many on the market. However, for a good quality product, you can expect to pay between $40 and $90. The replacement cartridges cost anywhere between $10 and $45. They can be ordered online for more convenience. The averageshower head water softener is only about 5 pounds not including the replacement cartridge.

Popular Products

Though there are many of these devices to choose from, some are more popular than others.

  • The Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower head is a top rated product although somewhat more expensive to maintain. This comes with two levels of filtering. One of the filters removes the chlorine whereas the second removes the other chemicals. This device has the body of the filters on the outside but is still very easy to install. The price for this model is about $70. The replacement cartridge is on the higher end of the average at about $40 but this is because it offers the two levels of filtering. Shower Head Water Softener Reviews for Aquasana products including this one are quite high thus justifying the price.
  • Another top rated shower head used for this purpose is the Culligan WSH-C125 Wall Mount model. This is the basic form of a water softener that removes 99% of the chlorine while preventing mineral build-ups and scaling. It uses one form of filter which is inside of the shower head. There are five settings for the water pressure including massage. You can easily install this shower head without tools. It is very lightweight and simple to use. It costs on average about $30 and the cartridges cost about $12. Most households have to replace the cartridge twice a year.
  • The WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filtration System is a system that is also highly rated for the purposes of removing chlorine from the water. It does filter out the majority of chlorine but at also helps to remove other chemicals and minerals in the water. The system sells for about $80 depending on the retailer plus you need to replace the cartridge every six months. The cartridges are usually priced at around $40 for a pack of 2. According to customer Shower Head Water Softener Reviews, it is worth the price because it is so easy to use and cleans the water so well.

It might cost a little extra money to soften and filter the water but when it’s done well, you can feel the difference. The water feels and smells healthier. You don’t experience as much irritation with the skin and even with the eyes as you might with the chemically treated water.

The minerals and chemicals that are removed from the softened water make it a pleasure to use these shower head water softeners. If you experience hard water in your area, you are advised to check out these systems and save your body from the harm that the other water may be causing.