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Under Sink Water Filter Reviews And Ratings

Water Filtration systems purify the water that currently runs through your home. The water that you use to drink often contains impurities. These are collected and delivered usually through your faucet and plumbing systems. Every day that you drink water, you are drinking these impurities.

It doesn’t just stop at drinking though. Every time you wash your clothes using the washer, or take a bath, or wash your hair, you and your family are dealing with these impurities. Over the past decade, water filtration systems have become more and more popular among consumers because they effectively clean out the water that enters your household.

An Under Sink Water Filter is effectively a filtration system that removes all of the impurities that enter your home. The filter is connected to the water line that enters your home. Once connected, all water that comes into your home is subject to filtration – removing all of the impurities that are negatively affecting your body and your life.

Under sink water filters work specifically under the sink and provide a system to clean the water as it enters. You can decide to purchase one, or multiple of these devices depending on how many sinks you need to deliver healthy and impurity-free water.

It’s important to understand what impurities are entering your home through the water lines. If you are currently using city water, it’s more than likely that your water sources contain chlorine and chemicals. The water may also contain traces of iron and sediment that you wish to remove from your drinking water. While these substances may not cause short-term damage, it is well known that they actively contribute to long-term serious damage, such as cancer.

Under Counter Water Filtration

Benefits Of Installing An Under Sink Filter

Some of the most popular reasons for investing in an under sink water filter are listed below.

  • Clean, pure, impurity free water delivered from the sinks you choose
  • Chlorine and other potentially dangerous chemicals and toxins removed before they have the chance to damage your body.
  • Healthier and more nutritionally valued drinking water, preventing and protecting you against sickness
  • Less chance of developing illness based symptoms.
  • Protection against toxins entering city water, which may then go on to damage you and your family

Most Popular Under Sink Water Filtration Systems

System 26 Undersink Drinking Water Filter System Under Sink

The system 26 undersink drinking water filter system has received outstanding reviews on Amazon and is affordably priced. It contains a saddle valve for feed water connection, inline taste and odour filter with built in pushfittings. It’s remarkably easy to install, and the filter is guaranteed to last at least six months. Replacement’s are easy too, all you need is a simple replacement filter pack.

BRITA 3-Way Titanium Water Filter Tap

The Brita-3 filter tap is the most technologically advanced water filter currently being sold on Amazon. It is currently the only tap that is guaranteed to bring you BRITA filtered water on demand. With seperate controls for hot, cold and BRITA filtered water, you can decide which water you want to flow through.

The cartridges can be replaced in seconds, and each cartridge is estimated to deliver over 500 liters of BRITA filtered water. While this system may be expensive, it provides consumers with an easy-to-use filtration system. You may not want to filter the water that you use for washing the dishes, so being able to choose between what water is filtered is extremely beneficial.

Undersink Water Filter System

The Undersink Water Filter System by Water Filter Man LTD is currently rated 5/5 on Amazon and comes in at an extremely affordable price. The system is complete with tap and all relevant fittings. The tap is extremely easy to install and comes with easy-to-follow DIY instructions. The filter life is roughly 6 months, or 1500 Gallons of water. You are able to control whether the water you use is filtered by holding the level down for filtered water, or flicking it up for constant water.


Overall, undersink water filters provide a great way to receive great-tasting clear water that won’t affect or damage you or your families bodies. Here’s what people have to say about them.

“I’ve been using an under sink water filtration system for over five years – and never before has my water tasted so clean.”

“I invested in a water filter system after being told of the negative health risks associated with drinking city water. I feel so much healthier and happier now.”

Finally, the U.S. Council Of Environmental Health estimates that by not drinking filtered water, you are up to 93% more likely to develop cancer throughout your lifetime compared to people who drink filtered water.