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Water Filters Reviews

Most people are aware of the many benefits to be had by filtering our water supply and there are numerous high quality water filters and water softening systems available to provide us with the utmost in clean, fresh tasting water.

However some people find themselves in a position where it can be difficult to install such a system. Maybe you do not own your home, are a serving member of the armed forces or just can’t justify the installation costs of a full ‘whole house’ system in these economically difficult times.

Luckily there are a number of filters available which are are ideal for these situations.The most basic water filter is the pitcher based system. The most popular of these is the Pur 18 cup dispenser, retailing at around $25. Small enough to fit in the refridgerator, the Pur relies on removable cartridges to filter chemicals and other contaminants from the water supply, each cartridge being good for around 40 gallons usage.

A handy filter life gauge helps you to keep the system working at it’s optimum efficiency. A step up in convenience is to be had with the water filters which fit directly to the faucet. For a similar outlay to the pitcher type of water filter, the most popular faucet water filters are produced by Culligan and Pur.

Water Filters

A major advantage of the faucet attachment design over the pitcher type is the ability to draw larger quantities of water, say when cooking, without having to wait for more water to be filtered.

Both the Culligan FM15 (plastic) and the Culligan FM25(chrome) are good for around 200 gallons of filtration, attach easily to the faucet by means of a small butterfly screw and require only the periodic replacement of the filter to give months of reliable use. If you would prefer the convenience of a faucet mounted filter system but do not wish to see the filter then maybe an under-sink filter would be of more interest.

The most popular of these, the Watts Premier and the 3M Filtrete under-sink filtration systems use one or several, in-line, filter tanks to remove harmful chemicals and other impurities from the water supply. Although they cost a bit more again than the faucet mounted filters, $40 to $130 typically, they share the convenience of the faucet mounted variety whilst being more unobtrusive. The ultimate water filter system for use in the household are the reverse osmosis systems.

Available for as little as $35 for the GE Profile series up to $300 to $500 for the more heavy duty systems available from manufacturers such as Tapmaster, reverse osmosis water filters use a series of carbon filters to purify the water. Tapmaster claim to remove 98% of all chemicals and contaminants from tap water with a life expectancy of around 4,000 gallons from each unit.

Another common area to fit a domestic water filter is the shower head. Chemicals, salt from ‘softened’ water and calcium carbonate from ‘hard’ water can all leave our skin and hair feeling less than it’s best. Culligan, Sprite and Rainshow’r all produce shower heads which incorporate filters in the $15 to $40 range which are good looking, easy to fit and effective. Whatever your situation there is a water filter system widely available which will be ideal for your needs.