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When can you Put a Baby in a Walker?

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The walker is a wheeled device that is used by the infants who are not able to walk. It helps your kid to move around the home with his feet. There are many questions raised about the right age to put the baby in a walker. Here we are going to discuss when you can put your baby in the walker.

If you are looking to buy a new walker, then it totally depends on what type of walker you want. The walkers are suitable for the kids between the age of 4 to 16 months. Also, there are many walkers available in the market that has the feature of height adjustments. Such walkers are suitable for the kids having the age greater than 16 months.

when can you put a baby in a walker

When can you put a baby in a Walker?

There is no particular age at which you can put a baby in the walker. It totally depends on the baby’s strength, size, and overall development. The use of the walker varies from one kid to another as they have different strength and ability. Also, the kid who already knows walking should not use the walkers.

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You must consider some of the factors before you put your baby in the walker for the first time. There are many things to keep in mind while using the walker. Following is the list of the things that you must consider before buying a new walker:-

  • Physical requirements
    • There are few physical requirements of the baby walker that are necessary for the baby. The baby should be able to keep his/her head straight while moving the walker. Also, the experts recommend that the baby’s legs should touch the ground when using the walker.
  • Purpose of walker
    • The main purpose of the walker is to entertain the baby who can’t even walk properly. Your baby can learn to walk with the help of the walkers depending on the baby’s strength.
  • Risks
    • You will find many advantages of the walker for your baby. The walker involves many risks while your baby is playing with it. The fingers of the baby may get pinched under the tires or other parts of the walker.
    • Also, the walkers can fall down from the stairs when your children are playing with it. Sometimes the walker can be dangerous for your baby as it can cause any type of injury.

If you want your kid to naturally learn walking, then you must not buy a walker for him. The walker can delay the development of the organs of the baby’s body. In addition to the injury caused by the walker, it also results in the negative development of the body.

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By this, we have reached at the end of this article on When to put your baby in the walker? It is advisable to not to use the walker for your kids as it will only harm the baby’s body. If you have any questions regarding this article, then you can contact us at Why Angels. Thank you.