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French Press vs Coffee Maker – What’s the Difference?

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Coffee becomes perfect only when all the processing steps is rightly followed. As a coffee lover, you might have come across two types of coffee making units like the French Press, and the modern Coffee Maker.

Here we are going to compare both the coffee making methods, but again there are various factors which come into the picture. We will try to discuss out the relevant ones in this post update.

French Press vs Coffee Maker

French Press vs Coffee Maker

In this section, we will check out the difference between both the French Press and the regular modern Coffee Maker system.

The first factor which we are going to discuss is the Conveniency.

Talking about this factor, the definition of this term may vary from one perspective to another. If you are concerned with the easy coffee making and less input to the brewer, then you will find the Coffee Maker better than the French Press. It is simpler to handle the Coffee Maker than the latter unit.

Another definition of convenience is the storage style, and also the simplicity of cleaning. So if you meant the convenience in this way, then the winner is French Press here. Also, the portability feature is best known for the use of French Press machine.

The method of using could get tough on the French Press unit, but still, the highlight remains the simplicity of the machine. Because of the portability feature, you can easily carry this coffee machine easily to your workplace, and even for camping purpose.

Considering the cleaning part, the French Press system are dishwasher safe. So you can easily maintain them, and also they take up less amount of space on the platform or wherever you place the system. While you are using the French Press system, you could see all the system parts and understand the machine entirely. But this feature is not possible while dealing with the coffee maker units.

Now, talking about the brewing technique, the French Press units make use of coarse grinds and also brewing time is more compared to the coffee maker product. Whereas in the coffee maker, brewing time is less since the grind used is finer one. Also, the French Press coffee are hotter than the coffee maker units.

Because of these differences, you will find a significant change in the taste of both the coffee prepared. In the French Press system, the coffee will be more bitter and also strong. Whereas in the coffee maker, the coffee will be more smooth, and also less bitter.

The other matter of concern is the temperature is not maintained for a long time on French Press systems. So you would have to drink the coffee within less time since you can’t keep waiting for drinking. This is because the warmth is lost quickly here.

Also, different coffee arts can be created for the coffee made in the French Press machines. Both the coffee maker systems have got complete different working nature, and they have got separate properties too. The French Press systems are tougher on the built side, compared the coffee makers.

This was all about the French Press vs Coffee Maker, and hope you guys got a clear understanding about the same. If you have got any query, then write to us by commenting below.

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