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How To Know When To Replace Your Water Softener

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Do you think water softener’s job is all easy-breezy? They remove out tough minerals like calcium and magnesium for converting the hard water into a soft one. And, like any other device even the softeners have, it’s own lifespan. By continuous wear and tear, you may have to replace your water softener. But how to know that right time?

Replace Your Water Softener

How To Know When To Replace Your Water Softener

You guess it right. There are certain signs which you can keep a check on to know if it’s the correct time to replace the softener at home.

Less Lather

One of the easiest ways to know if the water is hard is – finding no lather while using the soap or shampoo. Slowly, you may be running out of soap and shampoo way too quickly, as you could need more of it for the lather formation. So, to get a decent lather you will definitely need to replace the softener.

Water Taste

If you have been using a water softener, this means you are aware of how softened water tastes like. Soft water is smooth and salty in taste.

In case, the softener is not filtering out the minerals, you will find a weird smell/taste in the water. This way you can know it’s time to replace your old softener.

Change in Water Pressure

Hard water leaves out minerals inside the pipes, which may slow down the water pressure. Any kind of buildup will prevent a free flow of the water, leading to reduced water flow.

Visible Spots and Buildup

Does your home plumbing or shower have new water spots like never seen before? This could be another sign of the hard water presence. This could be possible due to the improper functioning of the water softener, so yes it’s the time to change it!

What are the signs you follow for the water softener replacement? Do share your insight and tips in the comment section below.