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Whole House Water Softener & System Ratings 2017 | Comparisons

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Usually water has many hardening agents that cannot be visible with our naked eye.

For testing the water hardness or iron content many companies offer iron-testing equipment that shows the amount of hardness present in the water. By determining the amount of hardness in the water, it becomes easy to decide the type of model one needs for softening home water.

Whole House Water Softener

Many companies produce water softeners with different types and models and each model is specific according to its utility and usage. More grain capacity waters are perfect as whole house water softeners. The whole house water softeners include water that is used in cleaning utensils or clothes.

Whole House Water Softener

Whole house water softeners also purify bathing water by removing stiffness or hardness from the water. Hard water is not appropriate for skin and hence, it should be soften to manage your skin texture.

Water Boss, Fleck, Demi, GE and Kinetico are some famous companies offering best water softeners for the whole house.

Whole house includes the different uses of water in the entire house. A house needs water for many reasons and requirements like washing clothes, cleaning utensils, washing hands, bathing, cleaning the floor or house, running heaters or air-conditioners and drinking. For all these different types of uses, water softeners are badly needed.

After using soften water for daily needs of the house, the pipes stay healthy from getting clogged. Soften water is also better for skin texture and softness. For staying healthy and soft, soften water systems are must!

Buying a whole house water softener is not a careless job and hence, researching about the product knowledge and testing home water hardness is must before finalizing a whole house water softener for a home.

Water softener uses pounds of salt to generate the operation and hence, it intakes amount of salt for cleaning the water detergents. Look for a no salt water softener too for saving pennies on salt use.

Just prepare a list of few water softeners and try to finalize a best water softener from it- for your whole house usage. Whole house water softeners from Water Boss and GE are running hot in the market because of long-term expectancy. GE water softeners stay with the same quality for almost 125 years.

Water Softener Ratings

There are a number of water softeners on the market, each with its own pros and cons. While all water softeners do essentially the same job. To add positively charged ions charged ions such as sodium or potassium to the water to bond with negatively charged minerals such as iron or calcium – not all water softeners are created equal.

Water Softener Ratings

This is why water softener ratings systems are in use, to allow consumers an easy point of comparison between different makes and models of water softeners when deciding on a purchase.

Most water softeners cost between $1000.00 and $1600.00 installed. Within this range, there is an enormous variety in both water softener efficiency and customer support after purchase, varying between no supports at all to a regular regeneration service.

Water softener ratings are a measure only of the cost effectiveness of the water softener itself. Factors that affect water softener ratings include the size and cost of the system, how often it needs to be regenerated (meaning how often the softener crystals need to be replaced) and how much water it is capable of treating.

Water softener ratings are measured in grains per gallon. The average person uses approximately 80 gallons of water daily, including not only drinking water but also water for washing dishes, laundry, and showering. For a family of four with a water hardness of 10, this would work out to 3200 grains daily.

The daily use is then multiplied by the number of days the household would like to go between regenerations.

For most families, regeneration every two weeks is a good number. In the case above, a water softener rated at 44,800 would be required to meet this length of time.

Water softeners come in ratings of 20,000 to 100,000 grains per day, which means that if the household illustrated above so desired, they could go as long as a month without regenerating by purchasing a larger water softener.

On the other hand, if they didn’t find regeneration to be overly bothersome, they could purchase a smaller system and regenerate the crystals as often as every week.